Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mixxx 1.9.0 Released!

The Mixxx development team is pleased to announce the release of Mixxx 1.9.0!

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Mixxx 1.9.0 adds several major new features including Shoutcast support, direct deck outputs for external mixers, and ReplayGain normalization. We've also added many enhancements to the library, a revamped default skin, and more! 

Some of the new features added since our last major release are:
  • Shoutcast / Icecast support
    • Mixxx can now broadcast over the internet (heavily requested feature)
  • External Mixer Support
    • The new Sound Hardware preferences pane allows you to route each playback deck separately, which allows you to use Mixxx with an external mixer.
  • ReplayGain normalization
    • A user from our forum worked closely with our developers to fully implement volume normalization, including performing the ReplayGain analysis for tracks which are not tagged.
  • Waveform Gain
    • The scrolling waveforms now scale according to the channel gain for better visual feedback.
  • Key lock buttons
    • Formerly known as "pitch-independent time stretch", there are now easily accessible key-lock buttons for each for deck.
  • Revamped default skin
    • Since the original source material for the Outline Netbook skin was lost eons ago, our artist completely redid it from scratch and tweaked it for better visibility. The new skin has also added EQ kill switches.
  • HSS1394 support (Windows, OS X)
    • Mixxx now supports firewire HSS1394 MIDI devices such as the Stanton SCS.1 series.
  • Improved FLAC support
    • We're now using libFLAC directly for smoother FLAC decoding.
  • Revamped metadata parsing
    • Integration of TagLib allows Mixxx to parse more metadata from songs, and do it more consistently.
  • Metadata writing
    • Mixxx can now write changes in song metadata back to disk. This feature is off by default, and can be enabled in the Library preferences pane.
  • Millisecond time display
    • The time counters in Mixxx now have an extra millisecond display.
  • Library improvements:
    • Played column - The library now indicates whether a song has been played in the current session already, and also counts the total number of times the song has been played.
    • Ratings column - 5 stars, no stars, or anywhere in between.
    • Better search - Search now searches in more columns, and by-term instead of by-phrase.
    • Revamped iTunes integration - A rewrite yielded a significant speedup of iTunes parsing.
    • Faster library scanning - The library scanner should perform much better on large libraries.
    • Inline Editing - Double click any item in the track table to edit its contents.
    • Recording to MP3/Ogg - Now your recordings can be saved in either MP3 or Ogg/Vorbis format.
  • New MIDI mappings:
    • Vestax Typhoon
    • Vestax Spin
    • Hercules DJ Console Mk4
    • Numark MIXTRACK
    • Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Updated MIDI mappings:
    • Hercules DJ Control MP3
    • Hercules DJ Control e2
    • Hercules DJ Control Steel
    • Hercules MK2
    • Vestax VCI-100
    • Reloop Digital Jockey 2
    • M-Audio Xponent
  • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements!

The Mixxx team would like to give a shout out to these up-and-coming contributors who had a huge hand in helping make 1.9.0 awesome (in alphabetical order):
  • Irwin Céspedes
  • Vittorio Colao
  • Joseph Colosimo
  • Bill Good
  • Anders Gunnarson
  • Tobias Rafreider
  • Owen Williams

Mac App Store
We're excited that Mixxx 1.9 is also now available in the Mac App Store. The version in the App Store comes with AAC/M4A support and is 64-bit as an extra bonus for Mac OS X users. However, due to licensing constraints, vinyl control is not included in this version. A version including vinyl control for Mac OS X 10.5+ Intel and PPC users is available on our downloads page.

Bugs and Feedback
You can help improve Mixxx by reporting any bugs you find. Your feedback plays a crucial role in Mixxx's development cycle, and even filing a quick bug report makes an important contribution to the project.

Join Mixxx!
We're always looking for new contributors who are interested in working on Mixxx. If you're a programmer or artist and want to work with a creative, enthusiastic team, hop on our IRC channel (#mixxx on Freenode) or sign up for our developers' mailing list.

Update (March 14th, 2011):
Our 32-bit Mac OS X package has been upgraded to provide better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5. The new package is available on our downloads page.


  1. Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) 1.9.0 from PPA not available, only 1.8.2 installs, the PPA website says there we're build errors.

  2. The Windows 32 bit download page seems to be down, so I can't download 1.9.0. Jsyk.

  3. Anonymous: I spent a few hours trying to get the Lucid package working but got stuck on one last little problem. I'll give it another shot tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Levi: I just switched our DNS over to CloudFlare to help ease the load on our webserver and I missed one very important entry. Thanks for pointing this out so quickly, should be back online in a few minutes!

  4. Hey again, sorry I wasn't able to try again after you posted that, but a few hours later, I'm still not able to download. I'll try again tomorrow.

  5. THIS is a great one .when its free ill surely download it

  6. does Meta Data writing enable you to add art work?

  7. That's great news. Thank you guys for your frequent releases.
    I'd love to make a donation, but I don't use Paypal since what happened with WikiLeaks. Will you consider giving another option for people to give to the programmers? I'm planning to join Flattr, but choice is good.

  8. Great work folks. Respect to everybody contributed.
    - Looks better
    - Feels better
    - updated MIDI Mapping 4 my Reloop Digital Discjockey 2
    - 64 bit version 4 Win7

    Keep on the good work!

  9. @Anonymous -- Mixxx is Free and open-source. You can download it without charge from under the GPL.

    @nopalero Nope unfortunately. We're looking at adding artwork support to 1.10.0

    @chtfn We'll take a look at the options. In the mean-time, flattr has worked pretty well for us.

  10. Hey Mixx Developers!

    I just wanted to come to the blog to thank you for the awesome work you've done in the last Months to make Mixxx the one Open Source Options for DJs worldwide!

    For Real THANK YOU!

    I'm definitely porting to Mixxx right now!

    Anyway, I can't thank you guys enough, keep it up! :D

  11. Ah, yeah, I'm getting the same problem as #1, I can only get 1.8.2 to install. I'm chomping at the bits, though. :)

    Lots of work you guys did, much appreciated!

  12. same problem with ubuntu ppa source :(

  13. Please provide a 64bit version of Mixx for Mac on the DL-Page. I need Vinyl-Control, but like to have a 64bit edition.

  14. @FelixTheCat, @bastian, @Anon #1,

    Albert fixed the PPA today I believe -- give it another shot? Sorry for the delay!

    @cimnine -- we'll give it a shot, thanks.

  15. Don't work on Mac OsX 10.5.8 ... Crash at lunch ... So bad ! :(

  16. It works well on Ubuntu for me: ALSA, drawing waveforms, etc. The last releases (1.7, 1.8) didn't work for me at all. This seems more solid so far. Great work.

  17. @Ludo
    Mixxx 1.9 Bug with MacOS 10.5

  18. Yep, I got the upgrade. Thanks again, folks. Great work!

  19. @albert, @RJRyan, @all,

    Still running rc, but this is definitely an impressive release. More or less everything has improved: snappiness, design, precision, library... and external mixer mode just saved my life ;)

    Great work guys...

  20. finally shoutcast fully supported.


  21. Hey great job on this guys
    I saw the 64-bit version on the Mac App Store and the 32-bit version as a separate download. My question is why don't you put both versions on the Mac App Store? That way I can keep track of updates?

  22. Hey Anonymous,

    The reason we have a 64-bit version in the App Store is basically just circumstance. It's a long story, my development machine is temporarily stuck making 64-bit builds, so in the interest of getting 1.9 into the App Store as quickly as possible, I just went with it.

    Anyways, our build server is producing 32-bit Mixxx builds for Mac OS X now, so in the future, one of these will get packaged up for the App Store, just for better compatibility. (It's not clear that the 64-bit build actually has better performance.)

    So basically, there is no good reason. I just had to run with the 64-bit build because there was a rush to get Mixxx into the App Store. :)


  23. I know that this might be a rather dull question, but I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 and I've tried to install Mixxx through Software Center and through PPA and I can only get the version 1.8.1,so could you give me any hint on how to fix this and get the 1.9.0?

  24. Hey Peixinho,

    The only thing I can think of is that you might have our old PPA in apt. We moved our PPA to here: ppa:mixxx/mixxx
    (Full instructions are here: )

    Hope this helps,

  25. Thank you Albert. It sure helped a lot

    Keep up the good work ;)

  26. I've tested mixxx 1.9.0 in AutoDJ mode from ppa under ubuntu 10.04 with Jack and projectM.
    Sometimes jackd (qtjackctl) loose the connection with mixxx without any error message. So music stops and that's all!

  27. Hi Ian57,

    You might be experiencing xruns or hangups that are causing the JACK watchdog process to disconnect Mixxx. Try increasing your latency in qjackctl and checking the number of xruns it reports.


  28. I've already do that, because some error messages like "Récupération désynchronisation (XRUN) (1).
    delay of 12120.000 usecs exceeds estimated spare time of 10424.000; restart ...
    " occurred.
    The PC is not very recent : P4 3Ghz (with f*****g intel motherboard) 2Go ram ubuntu 10.04 fresh install and ubuntu studio tuned.

    I increase Buffer/periode in Jack to increase Latency, but I get always errors. So i increase Samples/Periode to 4096 with Periode/buffer = 2. It seems to work fine now. still testing indeed....

    Mixxx output is given to 2 projectM: see

    leaving AutoDj playing during hours to test stability.

    I will give feedback soon

  29. Two hours playing without any problem (mixxx + projectm)
    Thanks a lot


  30. 6 hours AutoDj playing without problems. Thanks a lot


  31. my mixxx dj dusnt work it sux for me... the songs on my itunes thing downloaded into the itunes category but it doesnt mix it says this whatever the song is cannot download ;( so not worth downloading

  32. When in the browse mode when you go from a subfolder back to the main library the meters seem to freeze for a second or so.
    Great product. Been using it with great success.

  33. Your program is great. Honestly iv spent hours on it and it was really useful for editing so parts of songs. Im a beginner DJ and producer so its so great that this program is easy to use and open-source

  34. There's only one little thing: The executable inside (Mac OS X) is named mixxx (lower case, while in the Info.plist it is named Mixxx (upper case). But it is very easy to fix.

    Mixxx is really a great program! Since my old friend DeKstasy has died (keeping a PPC app alive with just two guys is hard) I was very happy to find Mixxx. And the best for my: it is not limited to Mac OS X. I hope the Mixxx story continues!

  35. Excellent work! Mixxx is undoubtedly the best program to mix mp3 files in Linux!

  36. will there be packages for natty in the ppa soon?
    Really would like to test 1.9

  37. Need for OS X 10.5.8