Friday, July 25, 2008

Mixxx 1.6.0 Release Code-a-thon

It's hard to believe it's been over a year since the release of Mixxx 1.5.0, our last stable release. However, we're pleased to say that we're now nearly ready to bring 1.6.0 out of beta.

As part of the final push to get the release done, we're planning a whole day coding/fixing/testing session next Tuesday (the 29th). Most of the development team will be on our IRC channel (#mixxx on and everyone is invited to come and join us. Whether you want to help write code, help test the release as it comes together, dj up some tunes for the development team or simply come and watch, everyone is welcome and there will be plenty to do, even for non-technical people. Things should start around 10am in Europe and run through to the evening in the Americas.

Look forward to seeing you there,


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  1. Hi,

    I've tested the new beta version of mixxx (1.6.0beta4) and I like the wavesummary improvement.

    The fact is that I now have less pops when I load a new song, but unfortunately I still have some. Specially during the downsample of the waveform by the WaveSummary process (that loads the CPU from 40 to 90 % during what i can't do anything without having pops bad effects) ... :(

    But I've noticed an interesting thing: if I reload a song that have been already downsampled the load is immediate (no second downsample calculation!). And I can do anything I want without having pops effects :)

    For example, if I take 5 songs in the play queue and let them all play (or manually provoque the downsample by mouse click) at least one time and if I mix them togethers again the responsiveness of mixxx is perfect !!! Of course if I close and relaunch mixxx again, all the benefits are gone :(

    This behaviour gave me an idea and a question: would it be possible to precalculate the downsample of songs present in the library database, store them into files and reload them with the song load ??? So mixxx doen't have to calculate them in live mix sessions ??? It would be quite a behavior like nautilus (on linux) or explorer (on Windoz) when it calculate thumbnails of pictures (or movies) ...

    I precise that I've tuned mixxx and the linux system all ways possible in order to have no pops disaster, but it's no way possible to definitely eliminate them :(

    Perhaps it's because of my weak machine (celeron 1,46Ghz / sata 4500rpm/min 1 Go of RAM) and perhaps i'm the only one having this troubles. However, it's would be an good improvement to the responsiveness of mixxx software to have a better song load ... on all kind of machines (like my weak one :) ).

    I have three other questions/things to share:
    - would be possible to go back and forward between a BPM period ? For example, imagine that I synchronize and mix two song on the same bpm and tempo and I need to go backward or forward ... actually I need to resynchronize them togethers (not a big deal but it's an idea of improvement ...)
    - an other thing is that I use a midi device (DM2 Mixman) and the cue button are hardcoded in the midi file. Even if I change the CUE behavior in mixxx preferences, the midi command 'cue_simple' (or cue_cdj) in the midi file rules :( ... Is it possible to fix this ?
    - last thing. In the next play behavior, is it possible to add an auto mix songs functionality as the xmms crossfade ?

    Nevertheless mixxx is a GREAT software !!!

    Thank you all !!!

    I'll stay tuned on 29th, to help and/or test (I'm in Paris).