Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mixxx 1.6.0 Beta 4 Released!

The Mixxx development team is proud to announce the fourth beta of Mixxx 1.6.0, the premiere open source DJ software. (Download!)

Our last two months of development have been spent polishing 1.6.0 and fixing as many remaining bugs as we could find. We've tackled numerous performance issues and fixed many bugs people have reported.

Mixxx 1.6.0 has been in development for almost a year now, and earlier this month we decided to start wrapping up development. Beta 4 will be our last beta release, and we're hoping to release 1.6.0 final within the next couple of weeks. The 1.6.0 release will also mark a change in our development process, so that we can both improve the quality of new features and ensure more frequent releases. I'd like to write more on this after the 1.6.0 release to help give Mixxx fans some insight into how our development process works.

Back to Beta 4 in the meantime though - Here's our list of improvements since Beta 3:
  • Completely rewritten waveform view by Russell Ryan through Google Summer of Code. This will provide better performance for some users.
  • Slick sliding VU meter peaks - Screenshots don't do this justice (download it and check it out).
  • Added the new Natt skin, from Natt from the forums.
  • Fixed some play queue bugs.
  • Some very under-the-hood improvements that should fix the odd crash-at-startup and improve performance.
  • Fixed keyboard cue keys to use whatever cue behaviour is selected in the preferences.
  • MP3 parsing fixes for files with cover art (fixes blips at the start of some songs)
  • OGG parsing improvements, fixes some library scanning problems
  • Fixed OGG playback on Intel OS X machines
  • Completed drag-and-drop support in the library. You can now import tracks to the library by drag-and-dropping a track from outside Mixxx onto the library view. You can also reorder tracks in a playlist or the library.
  • Added support for the Vestax VCI-100
  • Hercules MK2 improvements
  • Disabling the BPM detection works as advertised now.
  • Improved vinyl control behaviour near the start of the vinyl.
As with our previous betas, please report any bugs you find.

We plan to have the 1.6.0 final out within the next few weeks, as mentioned earlier. In the meantime, stay tuned and download Mixxx 1.6.0 Beta 4 to tide you over!


  1. Nice shot boys! I'm a proud user of mixxx during my djsets :D

  2. Will a Version for Tiger be released?

  3. Sorry Aaron, a Tiger release of Beta 4 won't be made. We will try to make a Tiger version of the 1.6.0 final release, when it comes out in a few weeks though.

  4. thank you so much :)

    mixing music has never been this exciting

  5. Unfortunately, this new version doesn't solve the system freeze problem with the DM2 Mixman device on a non linux 2.6.24 non rt kernel :( (bug track n° 239211).
    Nevertheless, I love this project.

    bon courage !!!

  6. The midi mappings, have anyone setup a Behringer BCD-2000 and Mixxx setup.

  7. Very nice release! I like it.

    Stupid question: is there any roadmap for AAC support? Will that make it into 1.6.0?

    Keep up the excellent work, folks. I'm looking forward to future releases. :D

  8. Hi Alex:

    No, that's not a stupid question, we want AAC support too. ;)

    We tried adding an FFMPEG-based backend to Mixxx that would add support for a slew of formats including AAC, but it turns FFMPEG is quite tricky to work with, and nobody ever got the code working correctly.

    Since then, we've sort of given up, but AAC support is a feature many people want and I think we'll have to figure out a better way to add support for it and put it back on the roadmap.


  9. There are also some not-insignificant licensing issues with regards to distribution an application with aac decoding built-in. Like Albert says we are working on this though.

  10. I agree, AAC support would absolutely rock.
    That's the ONLY reason I don't regularly use Mixxx.

  11. I second this app but without aac it doesn't work for me :(