Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mixxx 1.10.0 Released!

Happy holidays from the Mixxx development team. After a smooth beta period, we are happy to present Mixxx 1.10.0!
Available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Mixxx 1.10.0 brings several hard-hitting features that are the culmination of a year's worth of work by the development team. 

What we're packing in Mixxx 1.10.0:
  • Rewritten and Improved Vinyl Control Support
    • Completely rewritten vinyl-style pitch-bending for clean, analog-like sound.
    • Absolute, relative, and constant vinyl modes.
    • Rock-solid support for Serato Vinyl/CD or Traktor Vinyl at 33 or 45 RPM.
    • Single-deck Vinyl Control
    • End-of-record Mode
    • Improved needle skip prevention. 
    • Can use different vinyl types on each deck!
    • Improved audio quality when scratching.
    • Support for track selection using the lead-in area of the vinyl and needle-drop hotcues.
    • Track lead-in for scratching before the start of songs.
    • Waveform smoothing to prevent wobbly waveforms.
    • New built-in vinyl signal analyzer.
  • 4 Sampler Decks
  • Beatloops, Loop Halve/Double Buttons
    • Handy beatloop buttons let you quickly throw down an 8-beat loop as you transition from one song to the next.
  • Quantized Loops, Hotcues and Beatloops
    • Turn on quantization mode for a deck and all of your loops, hotcues, and beatloops will snap to the nearest beat when you place them.
  • Phase Synchronization
    • Sync button now synchronizes both the BPM and phase of beats.
  • Beatgrid Adjust Feature
    • Is your beatgrid misaligned? Easily adjust it with one click.
  • Microphone Support
    • Streaming and club DJs alike will love this feature. Plug in your microphone and MC your show, all without the need for an external mixer. 
  • Spinning Turntable Widgets and Waveform Scratching
    • Skins now come with juicy spinning turntables that you can scratch to your heart's delight.
    • If vinyl control is enabled, vinyl signal quality can also be rendered to the spinning widgets.
    • Waveform overviews now act as a progress bar for track analysis.
  • M4A Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.
    • Mixxx previously could not support M4A on Windows due to licensing issues, but that restriction is now lifted with our new Windows Media Foundation M4A plugin. Mixxx on Mac OS X already supports M4A.
    • Library Improvements
      • Traktor Library Support.
      • New and improved Browse Mode.
      • Recording Improvements
        • Integrated with the library.
        • Automatically splits files into pieces to avoid large files.
        • CUE files of tracks played.
      • Much faster iTunes and Rhythmbox support.
      • Import and export of crates and playlists as M3U/PLS playlists.
      • Playlists and crates are lockable and rename-able. 
      • Dragging to library sidebar auto-expands closed sections and is easier to aim.
      • Track play count is more accurately measured.
      • Reload track metadata from context menu in library.
      • Auto-scrolling in playlists is fixed.
      • Shuffle AutoDJ Queue feature.
      • Add Playlist to AutoDJ feature.
    • Brand New and Updated Skins
      • Deere
        • 1280x800 WXGA
        • 1280x1024 SXGA
        • 1440x900 WXGA+
        • 1920x1080 FullHD
        • 1920x1200 WUXGA
      • LateNight / LateNightBlues
        • 1280x800 WXGA
        • 1280x1024 SXGA
        • 1366x768 WXGA
      • Shade / ShadeDark
        • 1024x600 Netbook
        • 1024x768 XGA
      • Phoney / PhoneyDark
        • 1600x1200 UXGA
        • 1680x1050 WSXGA
      • Outline
        • 1024x600 Netbook
        • 1024x768 XGA
        • 800x480 WVGA
    • Accessibility Improvements
      • Mixxx should play nicer with screen-readers now. It's not perfect, but a step in the right direction.
    • Limited Support for Internationalization
      • Beta translations for Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Japanese
        • Thanks so much to the awesome Launchpad translators!
      • Alpha translations for many other languages.
      • Better support for UTF-8 filenames.
    • Revamped and Rewritten User Manual
    • Mixing engine improvements
      • Major efficiency and latency improvements.
        • Netbook users report latency improvements of up to 4x.
      • Sound quality is now much improved.
      • Improved support for multiple soundcards. Synchronization problems should now only affect the headphone outputs. See Bug #667651 for more details.
      • Soft-takeover support for MIDI mappings.
      • JACK now recognizes ports as Mixxx instead of PortAudio.
    • Updated MIDI Mappings
      • American Audio RADIUS 2000 (new)
      • American Audio VMS4
      • DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload (new)
      • Hercules DJ Console Mk4
      • Hercules DJ Console RMX
      • Ion Discover DJ
      • Numark Total Control
      • Pioneer CDJ-2000 (new)
      • Pioneer CDJ-850 (new)
      • Reloop Digital Jockey 2
      • Stanton SCS.1m
      • Stanton SCS.3d
      • Vestax Typhoon
      • Wireless DJ (new)
    • Hundreds of bug fixes and improvements!

    Mixxx 1.10.0 -- LateNightBlues skin

    Calling all Turntablists!
    We worked hard to make sure that our vinyl control support is the best out there. How does Mixxx 1.10.0 compare to your current software for your scratching and turntablist needs? We want to hear from you! Please send us feedbackfile a bugwrite us an emailpost to the forums, or chat with us.

    Bugs and Feedback
    You can help improve Mixxx by reporting any bugs you find. Your feedback plays a crucial role in Mixxx's development cycle, and even filing a quick bug report makes an important contribution to the project.

    Join Mixxx!
    We're always looking for new contributors who are interested in working on Mixxx. If you're a hacker or artist and want to work with a creative, enthusiastic team, hop on our IRC channel (#mixxx on Freenode) or sign up for our developer mailing list.


    1. The Ubuntu PPA hasn't been updated yet.

    2. Hi KeithCu,

      I'm working on updating the PPA right now.

      RJ Ryan

    3. ppa:mixxx/mixxx is updated and ppa:mixxx/mixxxbetas is in the process of updating.

    4. Hi;

      I've grabbed the new version. Checking it out now!

      However, I've got a question. I prefer the old mechanism where I could drag my mouse slightly to the left or the right and it would move the track slightly depending on how much I moved the mouse, but it would not halt the track if I held the mouse down without moving it. Is that possible?

      With vinyl, I could just touch the deck slightly to slow it down without stopping it. I miss that analog feel with the new mixxx. Do you understand what I am saying?

    5. @KeithCu

      Yup, we hear you. Left-clicking the waveform results in scratching and right-click is the old-behavior of pitch-bending the track.

    6. Thank you and congrats another awesome release!

    7. Ahh, great!

      However, because I've been using your program for years my muscle-memory is trained to use the left mouse button. Now I am creating tons of trainwrecks.

      Can I request a UI option to specify which is the left-click behavior?

      I personally think that you should have the pitch-bending be the default because it is a way for a mouse click to have a more analog feel. I never halted the decks with vinyl when touching it, which is what a mouse-click does now.

      Maybe you could have a scratch mode which switches the behavior? I think most people will prefer the pitch-bending mode.

      Anyway, I'm still exploring the new version. It is working fine so far. Thanks for your great work and Merry Christmas.

    8. @KeithCu

      Thanks for the kind words :).

      Making it configurable would be a nice touch. Please submit a bug report here: and someone may get to it for Mixxx 1.11.0.

    9. Thank you, guys! You making great software!!!

    10. Oh, I'm just loving it! I think it's time to get a decent controller.

      Thanks everybody in the Mixxx Dev Crew, you guys are freakin' awesome!

    11. Mixxx 1.10 is really awesome!! It's the best release ever!! Congratulations!! Keep up the good work guys!! :-)

    12. Thank you for your hard work! Greetings from Ukraine!

    13. work with Native instrument Audio 8 Interface?
      I'm using Traktor and Traktor X1 Interface.
      Support vinil timecodes?.
      Great Job!!!

    14. супер но скажите мне как получить право на файл!!!

    15. Thank you!!! I can now try it . . . my entire library is in AAC format.

      joel in Dallas

    16. SYNC button нas ceased work on Hercules DJ Steel Control :(

    17. can i use it with Numark ns7fx?

    18. I filed a bug regarding pitch-bending:

      Otherwise working great and the best version so far.

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    20. Hey, will this version be in the Mac App Store or has the dev team giving up on it?

    21. @Anonymous

      We're working on getting 1.10.0 into the app store right now. Qt apps have some issues with the Mac App Store rules, which we're trying to work through.

    22. Amazing, thanks for all your work guys. I'm finally going to mix on Linux and uninstall windows. Thanks!

    23. Great job! Thanks a lot!!!
      Hope to fix soone some language problems (see forum)!
      Love it!!!!!!!

    24. Have you any progress with adding this program to the Mac App Store?

    25. great..can wait to use this :D:D:D

    26. thx! will it work with Hercules DJ4Set?

    27. Great job!

      I am using Oneiric, tried installing it..was a success though i cant get to have the program start! It starts up with a frozen look, no options to let me do anything! I have to kill it from the process list to close it. Any help?

      regards Martin

    28. can this be used with windows 7 and hercules mk2

    29. Anonymous: Yes, Mixxx 1.10 should work with Windows 7 and the Hercules MK2!

      Namutso: Problems like that on Linux tend to happen when your system has buggy videocard drivers installed. I think your best bet is to try upgrading your drivers or distro and seeing if that fixes it. (Check your dmesg logs when it locks up too...)

      des: Currently, we don't have a DJ4Set mapping but keep an eye on the Mixxx forums to see if anyone posts one:
      You can also try modifying one of the mappings we have for other Hercules controllers like the RMX and seeing if you can make it work for your controller. Check out the Mixxx wiki for more info on MIDI mapping if you need it!

      Anonymous: We're still working on the Mac App Store, we'll post on the blog when we've got news to share about that!

    30. hi i was trying to find out if this can be used with the first hercules controler thanks

    31. How is the App Store release coming?

    32. Is there any case of the MIDI Wizard responding to spacebar in 1.10? Its kind of... annoying little bug there it seems

    33. saludos y felicitaciones por el programa lo he usado hece un tiempo con mi total control y le iva bien pero aora lo quiero probar con el denon DN-MC6000 talves van a sacar un mapeeo para este controlador

    34. Hola que diferencia hay exactamente con el Traktor pro2 me refiero a una lista con los pros y contras si puede ser muchas gracias y enhorabuena