Friday, December 24, 2010

Mixxx T-shirt contest

OK everyone.

The submissions for the T-shirt contest are below. Unfortunately, it seems most of you are much more interested in buying a shirt rather than designing one, so we have only two entries, only one of which is an original design. That said, it's great design, and so we'd like to congratulate Joe Colosimo for his winning entry!

Because one of our developers is going get some stock and handle t-shirt orders for us, we'd still like to know if just a plain Mixxx logo would be a more popular choice. So please take a look at the designs below and cast your vote!

Voting is open until January 10th.

Without further ado, the entries. (Click on each for a larger version.)

Entry #1 (Default):

Entry #2 (Design by Joe Colosimo):

Which Mixxx t-shirt design would you prefer?

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Which T-shirt size do you need?

Thanks for your attention!


  1. The logo itself is great. Joe's touch makes it a lot more funky. Great job!

  2. I updated my design just a tiny bit so that the transition at the bottom of the T-shirt isn't just a barrier formed by a straight line:

    This should make it a little less abrupt.

  3. Why not combine both designs?
    Entry 1 for the front and Entry 2 in the back..
    Now then, that would be awesome.

  4. Joe's updated design ftw!

  5. Maybe I would wear both (Mixxxed) ;-)

  6. I know that the Contest is over but I only heard about mixxx 2 days ago, Is it possible I could submit a T-Shirt design now even though it is a bit late? I love the project and am more than willing to submit several T-shirts. I am more interested in designing a T-shirt for a good project then buying a few, unlike some people around here ;)

  7. i like #2 but it needs a waveform image and maybe the URL (

    :) jesus pose..

  8. The original logo was already very nice however Joe's creative touch does a great job of quickly communicating what your company is about.

  9. @dallix: Sure you can submit a design! We likely won't order it this time around but if we do another batch later on, we can post it for voting.

  10. I like the first design, simple and cute.