Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mixxx 1.7.0 Beta1 for Windows x64 Now Available!

The Mixxx team is pleased to announce the availability of a 64-Bit version of Mixxx 1.7.0 Beta1 for Windows.

In a dazzling display of masochism and borderline insanity, Sean Pappalardo has been working hard over the last month or so to get Mixxx to run natively on 64-bit Windows. When asked why, he just mumbled, "full power...full power" over and over again as he rocked in his chair. Sean comes from the Commodore 64 programming days of yore when 64 KB of RAM and a 1 MHz CPU was all you had to work with, so he enjoys taking maximum advantage of the available hardware.

While 64-bit versions of Mixxx have been available on Linux for the past year, this is the first time it's been done on Windows.

Why was there no 64-bit version of Mixxx for Windows? As Sean found out, this was not simply a matter of recompiling Mixxx - all of Mixxx's dependencies had to be rebuilt as x64 binaries as well. This process brought numerous headaches and profanity-littered screams because Microsoft's Visual Studio is not always easy to deal with (especially when you're trying to force the free version to compile x64 binaries which involves a hack .) Fortunately a couple of the libraries that Mixxx depends on (libsndfile, FFTW) already had x64 binaries available for download, and for that we are very grateful. The good news is that, unless we decide they need upgrading, the dependencies don't have to be rebuilt in the future, so the hard part is done for now.

Mixxx is now the first and only known DJ software package that runs natively on 64-bit Windows, and this gives 64-bit Mixxx fans improved performance for free. A native 64-bit build also improves compatibility with ASIO devices on 64-bit Windows.

To take advantage of this, you need three things:
  1. a 64-bit AMD or Intel processor (eg. AMD Athlon 64, AMD Phenom, Intel Core 2)
  2. a 64-bit version of Windows (XP Professional x64, Vista x64, Server 2003 x64, etc.)
  3. A copy of Mixxx x64 for Windows
Install and run as usual, and enjoy! Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.


  1. Great. Thank you very much for the effort.
    Will try with my Win 7 X64 soon.


  2. i have an extra Vista Ultimate 64 bit laptop i can load up with the sw.


  3. where do u download from like? i have beta but i want 2 c what this is like. well done love your site ill give u feed back! ;)

  4. Hey just downloaded it and tried to install on my 64 bit vista machine. It tells me that the "side-by-side configuration is incorrect" when I try to run it, although the normal version of mixxx works fine.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the feedback. I've turned your comment into a bug report that you can subscribe to here:

    I'll try to get Sean to take a look at this. There's some subtleties in distributing DLLs that we're still coming to grasps with, so the package probably works for some people but not others. If you hadn't told us though, we wouldn't have known, so thanks!


  6. Only few words.. your app is incredible and I cannot find better replacement for it on my dual-boot openSUSE/Win7 x64 machine. Greetings from Slovakia.

  7. Wow, this is such an awesome and easy to use app!

  8. same problem as sarah

  9. This app. has failed to start because the app. configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the app. may fix this problem.

    but didn t . . .

    winXP pro 64 on AMD 2x2600

  10. Hi guys, thanks for letting us know you've had problems. I think we've figured out what we've done wrong, and we're going to try our best to resolve this for our next release.


  11. Congratulations! continue.
    We will help you, your project is worth following!
    good luck.
    Gabriel (costa azul)

  12. really great! :)

    go for video now. :)