Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updated MixMan DM2 Driver for OS X

Joe Mattiello has updated his MixMan DM2 driver for Mac OS X. From his release announcement:

This version adds Mixxx support, which should mimic the Linux ALSA (Jan's) driver. This means it should be a drop in replacement with the same .xml config file already packaged. Note, this is different then the version for the DM2 under windows, which is a completely different setup.

This version also includes a more extendable Generic MIDI mode which supports 4 banks completely and a PD patch to get you started on custom setups.

Sites / DL's / Source :

The driver is also open source now, which the code available here.


  1. hi there!

    I've tried to get a version of MixMan DM2 but its quite hard to get in germany. i know vci-100 / 300 is a better solution, but this is is perfect for me (i use my normal mixer and so i just need to speedup / slowdown the track)

    So, if someone knows a source -> contact me :)

  2. hello i needed to know if anyone has a link to the mixman dm2 to midi download. I googled it but none of them worked. i need the one for mac users