Monday, April 28, 2008

Scratching with Mixxx 1.6.0

This latest video of Mixxx 1.6.0 in action demonstrates what scratching sounds like with vinyl control. In the video, I'm scratching with a Serato record on my Stanton T.80 turntable, and using my M-Audio X-Session Pro MIDI controller as a virtual mixer. I changed Mixxx's crossfader curve setting in the preferences to "fast cut", which is what you'd set the curve control on a real mixer to when you're scratching.

The turntable is plugged directly into my laptop using the turntable's line-out and my laptop's onboard soundcard.

I recently did some work on our "vinyl emulation" code that mimics the way the pitch changes when you're using a turntable. I managed to improve the sound quality enough that scratching with Mixxx + vinyl control sounds convincingly similar to scratching with real vinyl. These improvements will be included with our next beta release.


  1. I am amazed with the scratch response you're getting. I am using Mixx1.6.0 beta3 with and M-audio fast track pro and my setup sounds glitchy. Please tell more detail on your sound chipset, drivers and settings.

  2. This was using the onboard soundcard on my MacBook (Intel HD Audio), 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, and something like 1 gig of ram.

    The important bits are:
    1) Fast CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo)
    2) Low latency (6 ms in Mixxx) - If you have your latency cranked up higher than 10 ms, the scratching won't sound nearly as good.

    If you have a good soundcard and/or a fast CPU, then you should be able to get these kinds of latencies, but it depends on your hardware.

  3. 6ms of latency with an onboard chipset is pretty good. With my Fast Track Pro I am not able to get the ASIO drivers to work with Mixxx. I get errors stating "sample rate not supported". I use the windows direct sound drivers instead and the best latency I can run is 25ms. My laptop is a:

    HP TX1000 Series Tablet
    Windows XP
    AMD Turion dual core 2.0GHz
    2GB RAM

    I would like to get my latency under 10ms using a external audio interface. Do you anyone getting this kind of performance with an external audio interface?

  4. you wrote: "The turntable is plugged directly into my laptop using the turntable's line-out and my laptop's onboard soundcard."

    how do you do it? lol... may i ask if u could giv some kind of video tutorial or something to actually connect the turntable to the laptop? lol

    n is it possible to connect two decks, and not only one?

    many thanks!