Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boston Mixxx Meetup -- Tonight at 9pm!

Calling all Boston-area Mixxxers -- tonight we're hosting an impromptu Mixxx user meetup care of the Redhat conference that's in town this week.

Join us at the World Trade Center at 9pm tonight to hang out with other Mixxx users and developers. We'll have a bunch of gear to play with and we'll be showing off some of the latest features in the upcoming Mixxx 1.10 release. Come check it out!

More info is on the mailing list.


  1. Just started drooling when I read "1.10".

  2. me too... Some pictures for non Bostonians would be amazing...

  3. It was only RJ Ryan and Owen Williams that showed up (Mixxx devs). We
    only used xwax to verify that my setup was sane and that it worked (but
    DVS was not working for Mixxx)

    I didn't get any pictures of the actual hackathon unfortunately but I
    have pictures from us using Mixxx and DJing in general during the rest
    of the summit.

    We used the same area you see in the first two pictures, but we added
    CDJs and a turntable to troubleshoot DVS on Mixxx

  4. Wow!!! Last Red Hat Event with DJ's using Mixxx was amazing!!! I'm DJ AZULMAN & I love it!!